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Bridal Boudoir with Katherine, the soon to be Mrs.

I remember one summer evening, when my parents had friends over for a cook out, and us kids were eaves dropping on the “adult conversation”. Not sure what we thought we would hear, but, I do clearly remember all of the “Mom’s” discussing what size they were when they got married. And, I distinctly remember that they all said it with a certain amount of pride. Now, for some of us, time can take a bit of a toll, the kids, the errands, the work….you know the drill. But, remember back to how you felt and looked like as a bride……….

I had the pleasure of doing a bridal boudoir session for Miss K., a beautiful, blushing bride to be! She brought along her gorgeous handmade wedding dress (don’tcha just hate those overachieving girls? Just kidding! I was so impressed with the intricate beauty of the gown, and I think the pictures picked the details up wonderfully!)  As well as some of her…..wait for it… bridal lingerie!! Whoo-hoo! Photographing her reminded me of what I had overheard as we eavesdropped on the “Mom’s” that long ago, summer night.

We had a ball capturing her in her gown, before all of the hoopla. She really wanted to concentrate on getting some great editorial style shots for her husband to be. She knew the day of the wedding would be jitters, craziness and those inevitable tipsy wedding guests taking your attention from getting some really private and personal shots.  We really were able to focus on capturing some of the emotions she had for the upcoming nuptials and the excitement for being the new Mrs.!

Her bridal lingerie shots were also exquisite and such an intimate and life long special gift, not only for the soon to be very grateful hubby, but also for her! Now, when she is sipping a mint julep on the back porch with the other “Mom’s”, on a sultry summer evening in Her future, she can pull out these pictures and make all the other Mom’s wishing they had forever captured that feeling and “perfect size” of their nuptials!

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