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Boudoir Photography with Miss K

Allow me to introduce you to my recent client and new found friend, the beautiful Miss K! I knew from the moment I met her that she would be a joy to photograph. She exudes so much warmth and kindness. And has a killer sense of humor to boot. An all around wonderful person with a gorgeous smile, she’s the kind of woman you immediately like and want to go hang out with. 

She did arrive with a few nerves but hey, most ladies do!  This is totally normal when it comes to boudoir photography. She had the great idea to bring some friends along though. And after a glass of wine and some upbeat music she really loosened up and had fun with it. I’m sure it helped to have her friends encouragement to “push up and hang those boobs out even more”. 🙂

Would you believe the gorgeous Miss K is single! How awesome to do this for YOU. Girl you’ve got it going on! Thank you for the opportunity to capture some gorgeous images for you. And especially thank you for allowing me share them with other ladies.

In her own words…..

Why did you decide to book a boudoir photography shoot? Because, in my mid 40’s, I felt like I wanted to feel “sexy” again. Sometimes, at this age, we lose sight of that!

                                      BEFORE                                                           AFTER


How did you prepare for your session? I thought about what kind of looks I wanted to try, and took Renee’s advice to bring more rather than less. I brought a variety, some work clothes, jeans, then some lingerie.


Why did you choose Spotlight Sexy Photography? Renee’s pictures were beautiful, she seemed to want to work with each person as an individual so she could capture that “special something” that each of us has.



How was your boudoir photo session experience? It was great! Since it is a home based business, it was very comfortable, so much more relaxing than going into a studio. Plus, it was all female, and Renee is terrific at making you comfortable. I was a little bit nervous that I couldn’t pull off anything remotely sexy, but I think because I was so comfortable, and having so much fun, I was able to! I was very happy with the photos she took!


(Renee) I especially LOVE these two images below. It was a bit out of her natural comfort zone. I literally had to pry the robe out of her hands and throw it across the room with a quick…”Gimme that robe…trust me.”  haha

But wow, was it worth it? Oh ya!

Sometimes by pushing our limits just a little, we walk away with something lovely that was never expected. 🙂


Why should other women treat themselves to a photo shoot like this? Firstly, because it is fun! I did it with a few girlfriends, and we had a blast. But, also because it is a great confidence booster! I look at my pictures almost every day! We all struggle with body issues, and these pictures just take that away. Now, when I am 80, I can look back and think “I used to be pretty hot!”
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