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Boudoir Photography with Miss J

I had an awesome mini boudoir photo session with the beautiful Ms. J. Can you believe she is 48, and a dynamic single mother of two? J was definitely prepared for the session, she had a couple great pictures she wanted to recreate, and I tell you, I think she looks better than the original! Ms J, at first, is a bit reserved, but she warmed right up and busted out (no pun intended) with a wicked sense of humor that kept us all laughing!  Ms. J is the poster child of over 35 and owning it!

A little from Miss J……
Why did you decide to book a boudoir photography shoot? “I feel you only live once and if I didn’t do it now I’d regret it. I’m not getting any younger.”
How did you prepare for your session? “I got my nails, hair and make up done.  It felt great to treat myself.”
Why did you choose Spotlight Sexy Photography?  “I choose Spotlight Sexy Photography because Renee’s work is classy but sexy and her work is amazing!”
How was your boudoir photo session experience? “My session was fun and relaxing.  Once you start taking pictures all the stress goes away and I started having a great time!”
Why should other women treat themselves to a photo shoot like this? “Other women should treat themselves to a photo shoot not only for themselves but for your husband or boyfriend to enjoy the beautiful photos of yourself.”

                                   BEFORE                                                              AFTER

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