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For the Love of Choo’s

OK, you know the old saying “icing on the cake”?  That saying came to life in my studio by way of a fabulous, lust worthy, heart pounding beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo’s brought in by the enticing Ms L. These satin pumps are adorned with Swarovski hotfix crystals and are simply dazzling. The moment she opened the shoe box to show us, it was a moment of reverent silence as we all basked in their glory.

I love it when my clients bring in special items that make them look and feel their sensual best, and let me tell you, that’s what these Choo’s did for Ms. L!  We got some smoking shots of her in them. I can tell you, Ms. L was wearing those shoes! They definitely added some extra “kick” to the shoot!  They were my perfect size 7 1/2 and I almost was tempted to see how they looked on me…. almost. 🙂 I love these Jimmy Choo’s!

J. Lo wore these same pair to the Glamour awards, but, after seeing the pictures of both, I think  Ms. L is the one who really sexified these heels!  For your boudoir shoot think about bringing a wardrobe item that stands out for you and gives you that extra confidence boost!

Ladies, these heel are 50% off!     Oh the temptation……

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