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Girls day in Boudoir Party

So, last weekend, I had a super fun Saturday afternoon shoot, Boudoir Party style, with a trio of fabulous women, all in their 40’s.  The three long time friends had been at happy hour, and had a discussion about body image, and being 40 and fabulous. One of them suggested that they do something fun and fearless, and have sultry pictures taken. All of them had done these types of pictures before, but about 20 years ago. They decided to defy their fears and booked an afternoon together, which I thought was a really fantastic idea. Sometimes, your friends can give you the confidence boost you need, right when you need it. Plus, everything is just more fun when doing it with some of your gal pals! So, we had the make up artist come in, they brought some wine, nibbles and tunes, and it was ON!  As a photographer, it’s my job to figure out each person’s personality and work that into the photo shoot. I want to capture that mojo of each woman that makes her unique and sexy! It was interesting with these three as I had three distinct personalities. I had L 44, who was all in and super sexy! I think she was a supermodel in her former life, absent the diva behavior of course!  She brought a lot of great clothes and props, even some pink furry handcuffs she got on a recent trip to Paris! Gotta love the girl that goes to Paris and brings back furry handcuffs! We got some great shots of her doing her thing!  Then, there was K, 44, who was middle of the road, she was down for some flirty stuff, after a glass of wine( or two)! But, she also was a little on the shy side, so I worked with both parts of her personality and got some great lingerie shots as well as some of her in hot business attire. Then, there was J, 48, who was the most reserved, but with a wicked sense of humor! She wanted to make sure she looked age appropriate with just enough of an edge to raise some blood pressures! We worked with some great vintage pieces and some poses she had pulled from some magazines and really achieved that!

I think it’s a great idea to consider doing this as a girls afternoon. What better way to spend some fun, happy girl bonding time, and have some amazing pictures of yourself to remember the afternoon with, and, maybe have a gift that will keep on giving to that special person in your life!

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