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Boudoir and Music with Miss L

I recently had an awesome boudoir session with the super sexy and gorgeous Miss L. From start to finish it was a total blast. She’s an amazing, outgoing, vibrant woman. But while watching her sitting in that makeup chair getting dolled up, I had no idea what would be in store for me. Perhaps it was the wine or perhaps it was her vivacious personality that she decided to let loose.

Well whatever it was, it worked! Because when it was time to start, she got up, walked over to the lights, and yelled… “Hey, turn that music up LOUDER!!!” It seemed to come out of nowhere and took me a little by surprise. But I was surely not going to miss this opportunity. Count me in! 🙂 We cranked that radio up and got the party started!

In front of the fan and the lights, Miss L needed very little instruction. She was working it like a pro. I would have guessed she had done some modeling before, but nope. Just a woman who knows who she is and owns it. She decided to make the most of an experience and have FUN with it! She loved to flash that killer smile and I loved to photograph it. I’m so grateful she picked out so many great smiling images for her album. I love images that breathe life into a room and Miss L is a perfect example of that.

We had originally planned for one hour but she was having so much fun we went ahead and shot for two instead. I’m so jazzed we did two because we had time to get to her adorably sexy handcuffs that she just happened to pick up in Paris a couple weeks before. Mmm Hmm ladies, that’s right… Paris… pink handcuffs, boudoir photo session. Gotta love this chica!

Here’s a few images from Miss L’s boudoir session that she was cool with me sharing with you ladies. And some of her own words. Thank you Miss L!

1) Why did you decide to book a boudoir photography shoot?
I did this 20 yrs ago as a wedding gift to my then husband.  I kept the photos and wondered if I had it in me to do it again all these years later.  I DID!  I like these pictures better because I’m more comfortable in my skin now.
2) How did you prepare for your session?
The usual–hair, mani, pedi, and a couple glasses of wine!
3) Why did you choose Spotlight Sexy Photography?
Recommended by a friend initially but I liked what I saw on the website. I was not disappointed.  In fact, the whole experience exceeded my expectations.
4) How was your boudoir photo session experience?
IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  My girlfriends and I made a day of it so it was great to feed off of each other’s energy. 
5) Why should other women treat themselves to a photo shoot like this?
The incredible sense of empowerment!  After the shoot I felt like screaming from the rooftops—I’m a sexy, vibrant, confident woman!  And I can do anything!
Check out the before shot. Then scroll below to see my after shots.


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