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What to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

What to wear for a boudoir photo shoot? That is the burning question!

Do you remember how the summers of your youth seemed like they lasted for 40 years? Now, of course, they seem like 40 seconds. But, I remember those long summer afternoons, before cable, before XBOX, before neighborhood swimming pools, when we were left to our own devices to entertain ourselves. On those afternoons, there was one thing I loved doing more than anything else. I loved going into my Mom’s cedar chest she kept in the basement.  In that cedar chest was a virtual treasure trove of what she called her dresses from her “pretty times”. Those were all of the times she went to prom’s, homecomings, special dates. In that chest were the most beautiful clothes that held the promise of transporting me into another person, in another time. I loved her powder blue dress with the sparkly shawl, impossibly high satin pumps and the little white pocketbook with the delicate silver chain. And, since I didn’t have a proper tiara, I substituted an old Burger King crown. To me, I was beautiful and could, for a few hours, be somewhere else, loving every minute of it.

That is how it should be during every clients shoot! It’s really about transporting yourself into a place where you feel beautiful! It’s about playing dress up, just without the BK crown! Or, if you really want the BK crown, wear it! I often get the question, What to wear for a boudoir photo shoot? And What styles of lingerie should I wear?  I say, wear what makes you feel like the most comfortable and best you!  I have photographed some women wearing everything from gorgeous vintage lingerie, coats, sheets and even nothing at all! A few examples of styles that I think flatter every shape can be seen here on the blog.

Before your shoot, spend some time thinking about when you feel the most beautiful. It’s not about doing a cookie cutter shoot with the same shot for every woman. It’s about your personality, after all, that’s what makes you sexy, whatever you choose to wear just highlights you! Think about bringing a few pieces like these on the blog.  It’s about capturing the essence of that little girl playing dress up and being transported for a few delicious hours, some summer afternoon.

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