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Business & gift boudoir photo session

I recently enjoyed another great boudoir photography session and have permission to share some of it with you. This time it was with the beautiful Ms. G. This lovely lady came to me with an interesting request. Miss G wanted to accomplish 2 things during her boudoir shoot. First, she wanted some beautifully sexy pictures that she could feel comfortable hanging up in her office and home. Something slightly business like but still oozing sensuality. Second, she wanted a few more risqué pictures to gift her boyfriend with for his upcoming birthday. Lucky man!

Miss G had such a definite goal in mind for her boudoir session and she came into the studio prepped and ready to go. She’s an outgoing woman with a kind heart…not to mention sexy! Can you believe she is 49? I was shocked when she told me. I may have to convince her to come back in a few months so I can start a whole new category of images. 50 and up, who would believe it?!

The session was short and sweet but we managed to pull off what she was aiming for and I’m thrilled she is happy with the results. Miss G was so much fun to photograph and I love how she really got into the whole boudoir experience. A very good friend of Miss G’s  (who just may be my next client 🙂 told me that I really captured the essence of who Miss G is. That gave me goosebumps. Because that is exactly what I aim to do. To capture who you are and bring out your own unique personality to your session.

In her own words…..

1) Why did you decide to book a boudoir photography shoot? I decided to book a boudoir  session because I feel like I’m the best I’ve ever felt and looked in my life even though I’m in my 40s!!!
2) How did you prepare for your session? I bought some new outfits, got plenty of rest, practiced with some new makeup styles and was eager to get going!!
3) Why did you choose Spotlight Sexy Photography? I chose Spotlight Sexy photography with Renee Zona first because of her talent and secondally because of her passion for the artistry of photography. I knew she would make me look as sexy and beautiful as ever….. and I was right!
4) How was your boudoir photo session experience? I was very relaxed during the whole session. Renee took her time and was very helpful in getting me that right pose.
5) Why should other women treat themselves to a photo shoot like this? I really think it made me feel more beautiful! I think woman should embrace and celebrate their beauty at every step in their lives. I can’t wait till my boyfriend sees his surprise present!!!

Ok ladies… the nudes and more risqué images are saved for Miss G’s boyfriends sole enjoyment! Sorry, wish I could share those. Here’s a few I did get permission to share:

                                      BEFORE                                                             AFTER


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