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Boudoir Photography Makeup example 1

So you’ve got a boudoir photo session coming up, and you may be wondering… “How important is it really to get the professional makeup?”

Well before you scroll below to see the example images let me say that… Although some of us are actually quite proficient in doing our own makeup,  doing makeup for on camera is a whole other ball of wax. It’s something typically best left to the professionals. And why not let someone else do the work? If you’re doing a boudoir session, you might as well hire an expert and allow yourself to be pampered a little.

Ok, so you know all that but you still chose to do your own makeup. Well you can rest assured that afterwards I’m fully capable of retouching the makeup mistakes and bringing the image to magazine quality as you’ll see by the image below. But keep in mind that takes time in photoshop and more time means more cost to you. So by trying to save a few bucks in the beginning by doing your own makeup, you may actually cost yourself more in the end to fix any mistakes.

Don’t get me wrong here… I love retouching and it’s a part of my boudoir business that I feel I have a good eye for. But my first love is photography. So that’s where I’d like to spend most of my time. Photographer first, retoucher second. The bottom line is, if I can save my clients money in the end, spend more time shooting, less time in front of the computer, then it’s a win win. So I will continue to stress the importance of adding the professional makeup to your boudoir photography session.

Here’s an example to show how important it is. You’ll see the young woman is absolutely gorgeous. But the yellow tinted foundation she wore was the wrong color for her and didn’t match the rest of her skin tone. All the best lighting in the world can’t make up for that. Thankfully I was able to correct it and retouch it to a magazine style quality image that she is really happy with.






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