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Boudoir Photography with Miss D

I am so stoked to be able to share one of my recent boudoir photography sessions with you ladies. This was a special session for me because it reminded me of what I love about being a boudoir photographer…. helping women feel beautiful!
You see, I could repeat over and over again to a woman about how beautiful she is, but it could fall on stubborn ears since us ladies can be so critical of ourselves. Yes I am guilty of it too sometimes. Shame on me…. 🙂 So when a woman tells me I helped her FEEL beautiful again…. it makes my job all the more better.
I had been in contact with the gorgeous Miss D since last fall when she first emailed me to inquire about doing a boudoir photo shoot  to celebrate some things, including her upcoming birthday in February. I thought it was a fantastic idea to treat herself, and I was honored that she would drive all the way from North Carolina to see me! That’s just so awesome!
Miss D did something super important that helped with the outcome of the shoot. She totally brought it, worked it and most importantly, she had FUN with it.  She let loose and gave me a variety of different expressions that showed off her unique personality. I even got her to flash me that gorgeous smile.
A boudoir shoot should be fun because it will be evident in the images. I love making my clients smile so I can capture some natural shots along side of those more sultry expressions. Oh and their men LOVE having a few candid smiles included in the final set. :~) So we can make them happy too! 😉

In Miss D’s own words……

1) Why did you decide to book a boudoir photography shoot? “I chose to participate in a boudoir session because when I laid eyes on the photography by Renee Zona, I had made up in my mind that I wanted that look. After being on deployment so long, I wanted to look and feel beautiful. Mrs. Zona helped me achieve that goal.

2) How did you prepare for your session? “I honestly did not have to prepare, in my opinion. Mrs. Zona took me through every step and every procedure I needed to enhance my session.”

3) Why did you choose Spotlight Sexy Photography? “I chose Spotlight Sexy Photography because of the quality of work offered and the affordable price. Also, the warm reception I received after just a question and answer email. ”

4) How was your boudoir photo session experience? “My session was just that. An experience. An unforgettable experience. Mrs. Zona was kind and full of so much experience in her line of work. I felt completely comfortable in the environment.”

5) Why should other women treat themselves to a photo shoot like this? “Why shouldn’t you? Every woman should have a point in time where they feel sexy. Capture it!! Mrs. Zona will help you capture it, just like she helped me.”

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