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Bridal Boudoir Photography with Miss M

The very sexy gift of Bridal Boudoir Photography is becoming more and more popular. I recently had the pleasure… no that’s an understatement. Let me begin again, I recently had an all out BLAST photographing the gorgeous and totally awesome Miss M.

Have you ever met a woman that you can immediately laugh and joke with and it feels like you’re already friends even though you’ve just met? Well that’s how incredibly personable and genuine this cool chick is.

Ms. M, who’s almost a Mrs by the way, wanted to do something incredibly sexy for her fiance’. She arrived at the studio ready to have an incredible bridal boudoir photography experience. And if you read her testimonial below you may get the impression I had a lot to do with that experience, but…. I think the credit goes to her, because the vivacious and courageous Miss M was a … dare I say it again… BLAST to photograph and she completely ROCKED her session from start to finish. We were having so much fun, that if I didn’t have to get my kids, I don’t think I would have even noticed what time it was. I could have photographed her all day!

Miss M’s own words…..

1) Why did you decide to book a bridal boudoir photography shoot? My friend did this as a wedding gift for her husband 9 years ago. I knew than before I knew my fiance that I’d want to do this for my husband some day. 🙂 My prince came and my day to shine did too!

2) How did you prepare for your session? First I picked a few outfits (sexy, elegant, flattering), then I picked shoes to match. I had most of the stuff, but I got a new outfit from VS as a gift to myself. I chose to include “Bride” panties and my wedding shoes, since its a wedding gift. Then I scheduled my hair and make up “trials” for the wedding so he didn’t wonder why I had gotten so done up that day. I gathered a few pieces of jewelry and three pieces of his things. (tie, hat and hoodie sweater)

3) Why did you choose Spotlight Sexy Photography? I had been searching for someone to do these photos for me. As an amateur photographer I’m picky and particular about photos. My sister in law was helping me find someone, when she saw Renee’s billboard. She sent me the website and I booked a session within the hour. The photos on her site sold me before I even spoke to Renee. After speaking to Renee I felt like we just clicked and she’d understand me and what I was looking for. A women’s intuition doesn’t lie. Whether this is something you are contemplating or something you know you want and just need the perfect person to do it for you – look no further – you found HER!

4) Why should other women treat themselves to a photo shoot like this? A confidence boost, nice gift for him and a day of flattering for you. What girl wouldn’t love that. You’ll look back years later and give yourself motivation. It will be you looking like the VS girls instead of getting the magazine and wishing you looked like those girls. It was FUN! FUN! FUN! And totally unique.

5) How was your boudoir photo session experience? More than excellent.

The experience you provided me has been priceless. The photos you created are timeless, elegant, tasteful, professional and sexy all at the same time. You have such an incredible talent. How lucky am I to have found you? You are a pleasure to work with and it’s my honor to be apart of your beautiful gallery. Gratitude, appreciation and respect – you own it girl! I absolutely LOVED this experience and can only hope more women share their beauty through photography.

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