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Renee Zona photographer

Renee Zona, photographer located in Boca Raton FL and
founder of Spotlight Sexy Boudoir Photography.

My mission is to provide women with an experience that will boost their self confidence, show off what makes them uniquely beautiful and leave them feeling awesome that they made the decision to treat themselves to memories and images that will last a lifetime. I strive to work closely with my clients to ensure their personal vision is captured in their photographs. Through boudoir photography I can help tastefully showcase the beauty and appeal of each woman. It’s a memorable experience to have a glamour session devoted entirely to you. Your images will stand the test of time and be tailored to express your unique beauty and style. Should they be fun and edgy, or soft and sensual? How about flirty, or perhaps risqué’? Boudoir photography is about showing off a woman’s natural beauty in a way that allows her unique charm to show through.

Thank you so much for checking out the Zona photographer blog for Spotlight Sexy Boudoir Photography. As a full time single mom I don’t find as much time to post on here as I’d like. I’m still searching for that 25 hour day.  🙂  But my goal is to provide you with as much content as I can to help you prepare for your very own boudoir photo session. So please check back periodically as I’m committed to making this blog awesome for You.

There is a ton of additional information on my website and you can check that out here at boudoir photography florida .com 

Thanks so much!


Renee Zona photographer and photoshop ninja




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